UncategorizedOpticline Contour CS Series

Ottani Meccanica Srl, is pleased to formalized the purchase of a new optical measuring instrument: the Opticline Contour System.
Specific for turned and rectified parts, through the acquisition of data through a linear scan CCD camera, it allows the automatic control of external geometries.
Each system is equipped with a “turbo-optic” software that allows:
– The execution of typical measurements such as diameters, lengths, angles, radii etc;
– The execution of the dynamic measurement (in rotation) of the parameters of roundness, concentricity, cylindricity, straightness, run-out, axial oscillation and angles in rotation;
– Creation of measurement programs in self-learning for subsequent automatic CNC executions;
– Graphic management of the measurements, acquiring a complete profile analyzing each individual position with the zoom function, inserting comments and / or measurement results directly in the graphic support.

We increase the technology available to improve the quality of our productions.