Ottani Meccanica Srl is pleased to announce that the Cerved Rating Agency S.P.A, on 01/06/2018, confirmed the public rating A3.1.

This result affirms the correct fulfillment of our company to its financial obligations, analyzing the degree of solvency and evaluating the ability to generate sufficient resources to repay their creditors.
The Cerved Group Rating is expressed on an alphanumeric scale with 13 classes (from the maximum score A1.1 to the minimum C2.1) whose constituent aspects are based on:
  • Business model and market positioning
  • Main key financial results
  • Liquidity

The existence of some factors, under continuous observation by the entities in charge, can affect the final evaluation, modifying the result. The main ones are:

  • Market risk
  • Operational risk
  • Financial risk

The Cerved Rating Agency monitors constantly the situation, establishing for Ottani Meccanica new assumption and targets to reach during the periods following the issue of the rating evaluation.